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Find Cheap Local Gas Prices
Locate cheap local gas prices by zip code in your area. Live information updated hourly. You can save hundreds on gas by planning and refueling at the best price. Let us know what you think!

AccuWeather Radar with Live Animation
Live weather radar from AccuWeather with Standard and Enhanced Infrared, Radar-Satellite Combo, Water Vapor, and Visible radar images - still or animated. Great tool for keeping up with severe weather in your area. Take a look!

Quit Smoking Counter and Report
Quit Smoking today and take back your health! This gadget reminds you everyday of the value of quitting right now. Keep track of how long you've quit, how much you've saved, and how much life you've gained. Save money, health, and lives. I dare you.

Acronyms Abbreviations Lookup Finder
Acronyms, Abbreviations, Initials, and Short Symbols are becoming widespread and overwhelming everyday. Now you have help. Quickly search and find the most commonly used acronyms and abbreviations to be more knowledgable and up-to-date. Over 600,000 of entries covering phrases, names, computers, medical, law, technology, telecommunications, government, politics, military, profession specific terms, and much more. Try it out.

Famous Optical, Visual, and Mind Bending Illusions
Be prepared to be amazed. The best optical and visual illusion on the web are collected in one gadget. Your eye will play tricks on you. Discuss your discoveries with others and see what you'll find. Let us know what you think.

NBC Olympics
NBC Olympics super widget for top news, video, and slideshows from organized by sports. Stay up to date on the London Olympics right in igoogle. Full canvas view included! Select your favorite games from Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, Canoe Slalom, Canoe Sprint, Cycling - BMX, Cycling - Mountain Bike, Cycling - Road, Cycling - Track, Diving, Equestrian, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics - Artistic, Gymnastics - Rhythmic, Handball, Hockey, Judo, Modern Pentathlon, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Synchronised Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Tennis, Trampoline, Triathlon, Volleyball, Water Polo, Weightlifting, Wrestling. Must have for the Olympics!

Fandango Movie News and Information
Fandango Movies Updates for New Releases, Top Ten Box Office, Coming Soon, Opening This Week, Now Playing, and trailers with Easy links to Reviews, Tickets, Movie Times and Availability as well as IMDB, Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon, and Ebay information at your fingertips. No more checking around. One stop to keep track of new movies with this simple and compact gadget. Updated daily.

Current State Congressmen List
Keep track of your current state local congressman for questions, comments, and complaints. Enter your state to get a list of names and links to their website for all up to date activities. Call, write, or email them whenever you feel the urge. Be informed and keep posted!

Top 100 Wonders of the World
Top 100 Wonders of the World. Now revealed. They are magnificent, magnanimous, breath taking, and truly inspiring. From the Pyramids to Taj Mahal to the Great Wall, See which wonders you think deserve to be the best of all.

Timer: Countdown
Timer allows you to track everything from cooking, working, waiting, or exercising with a simple interface. Count up to 24 hours with minutes and seconds count. Include 12 different random alert sounds like alarm, microwave, and doorbell. Built in features to keep counting even if iGoogle refreshes. It works even better those home timer. Add multiple gadgets for more than one timer. Give it a shot!

Pinterest Quick Search
Quickly search Pinterest for latest Pins, Boards, and People. See what everyone is talking about. Try it!

Khan Academy Educational Videos
Khan Academy teaches you the world through online educational videos. Courses include many subjects like Algebra: Introduction to Algebra, Algebra: Solving linear equations, Algebra: Solving linear inequalities, Algebra: Graphing linear equations and inequalities, Algebra: Systems of equations and inequalities, Algebra: Ratios and proportions, Algebra: Absolute value, Algebra: Exponents and Radicals, Algebra: Logarithms, Algebra: Polynomials, Algebra: Quadratics, Algebra: Functions, Algebra: Conic sections, Algebra: Complex numbers, Algebra: Matrices, Algebra: Algebra 1 Examples, American Civics, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Addition and subtraction, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Multiplication and division, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Negative numbers, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Number properties, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Order of operations, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Factors and multiples, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Fractions, Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra: Percents, Arithm

Instagram Popular Photos
iPhone and Android has allowed us to share our life, interests, and unique perspectives of the world through beautiful images. Instagram popular photos updated fresh every hour. Check out these stunning and beautiful photos daily from ordinary people just like you. Take a peek!

Amazon Appstore Free Apps
Get Amazon Today's FREE app of the Day. This list is like Amazon Lightnight Deals except for Android and Kindle Fire. Dont miss these awesome free apps because they are only available today. Many apps for categories like Games, Tools, Sports, Education, Health, and Productivity. Get free apps now!

Funny Animals Being Dicks
We love animals. We also think they are cute and natural comedians. From the popular site Animals Being Dicks, watch these silly gifs of various animals being jerks. Very Funny and Hilarious clips fresh every day. Laugh it off!

New Greetings Card of the Day from
New, beautiful, and thoughtful greetings card for every special events of the year including Birthday, Anniversary, Congratulations, Family, Friendship, Love, Pets, Thank You, Weddings, Career Promotion, Love Ones, and other holidays. Cards are updated daily to remind you of today's holidays and important occasions. Quickly send the cards you want from . Cheer someone up with a daily greetings!

Package Tracker
Package Tracker for UPS, FedEx, DHL, and US Postal Service. Store description, tracking number, and shipper in gadget to easily stay updated on status. Monitor 4 items at one time. Use multiple gadgets if you need more. Very convenient. Give it a try!

Search for People, Email, Phone Numbers, Names, Addresses, and Businesses
Search people by name, email, and phone number through services like White Pages, Google, Facebook, Myspace. Locate people quickly on the web. Fit nicely on iGoogle accessible anytime. Tty it out.

Periodic Table of Elements
For students, teachers, and science fans, here is a simple table of the elements with a quick summary of its atomic number, mass, boiling and melting point, electron configuration, and oxidation states. Quick links to learn more about each element.

Today's Deals from Groupon
Get daily deals from Groupon on iGoogle. Many Cities like Denver, Miami, Phoenix, San Diego, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, San Fran, Atlanta, Austin, Seattle, DC, Dallas, Chicago, plus many more US cities. We will continue to add international cities so stay tuned. Incredible savings locally. We love Groupon!

Current Moon Phase
Today Moon Phase with a clear satellite image right on your desktop. No matter of rain or cloudy weather, you will always have the moon in front of you. Recommended for werewolfs. Enjoy!

Fortune Cookie of the Day
Crack open a fortune cookie and see what it reveals. Over 500 fortune about Love, Romance, Work, Life, Wisdom, and Inspirational chinese popular proverbs. Fun cookie simulation. Give it a crack!

Wolfram Alpha smart search. World's Knowledge Computable. Enter your question or calculation and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data to compute the answer. Simple interface to put the world's information at your fingertips.

Karaoke Quick Search
Quickly Search for your favorite song to sing and Karaoke with friends and family. Finding a free site and good song is tough. This gadget solves this problem for you. Sing and Record. Many songs are available. Have fun!

Baby Names Generator
The toughest thing about having a baby is what to name it. This is because there are thousands of good strong names. Well, this tool will help you narrow down those names. With 100,000+ names from English, French, German, Irish, Greek, Hebrew, Indian, Latin,Persian, Polish, Spanish, Scandanvian, Welsh, Arabic, and Asian. Meaning is included if available with its popularity rank in the US. Flexible options to choose the right name for your child. Have fun!

Indeed Job Search
Indeed Job Search. The number 1 most visited job site listing from Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, and many others. It searches job sites as well as company listings. Search by keywords, zipcode, date, country, and proximity. Current Salary for job title and location is included. Be informed of new jobs daily. Give it a shot and good luck!

Ask the 8 Ball
The classic Ask the 8 Ball is here with all the favorite responses to your questions and queries. Beautiful graphics to imitate that 8 ball style you love. Ask your question now and the 8ball will shake to reveal an answer!

Daily Chinese Horoscope
Get your daily chinese horoscope, Lookup your zodiac and get daily reading. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig

Google+ Plus Mini
Google+ Plus on iGoogle to keep you updated of new feeds, photos, friends, hangouts, circles, and updates. Fast and clean. Try it out!

Looking for What Day of the Week
Need to know the Day of the Week for birthday, anniversary, special occasions, upcoming events, holidays, weddings, vacations ? This tool will quickly tell you the Day of the Week of any date entered. Will it be Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday? Find out now!

Google Talk Chat
Quickly access Google Talk Chat with friends and family with this convenient version. One click connects you instantly.

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